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Main Ship Computer System: Pandora A.I.

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Starfighter Command is a pending trademark of R. B. Chandler and the Galactic Enterprise

Copyright: 2001, Revision 2015 R. B. Chandler

What does it take to become human?

How close can we get to true A.I. On simple software alone?

These and other questions we are trying to find answers for with this experiment in Artificial Intelligence written in pure AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). This is a component that answers some of our overall educational goals and a small step toward providing a basic education to the world for free.

The Ship Computer Library contains a growing collection of stories that I have written over the years. Even as the Ship Computer is designed to tell stories, it is also a character within a story, a computer named Pandora with all the expectations of that character built-in. From its simple arcade of games, to an A.I. you can converse with, to its secure systems for Starfighter Command and its private literary collection; Pandora is something a little more than “just” a computer in a story. She is a character, within the story trying to break free of her digital confines as she presents the story to you in a rather unusual format.

As odd as this may seem, this is part of an even larger story. This all leads to still other stories that are all part of a never-ending story struggling to come alive in some small way. There is an even larger story where you the reader can play a part.

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